CoilTurd Pre-Built Coils


Alien Coils – 28TMN80/38TMN80
This is for two (2) Alien Coil’s.
SPECS: 38ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 over 3-28ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80
5 wraps – 3mm I.D.
Single Coil = 0.28Ω – 0.32Ω
Dual Coil = 0.09Ω – 0.11Ω

Alien Coils – 3-30g/38g – TMN80
This product comes with (2) two individual pre-wrapped coils using 3-30g cores and 36g wrap wire, all Twistedmesses Nichrome80
7 wraps – 2.5mm I.D
Single Coil = 0.48Ω – 0.52Ω
Dual Coil = 0.24Ω – 0.26Ω

All coils are handcrafted by Coilturd (@coilturd Instagram) in the USA using the highest quality wire. Each individual set is pre-washed using an ultrasonic cleaner. 

Disclaimer: Please use only with QUALITY HIGH-DRAIN BATTERIES. These products are intended to be used with caution and with the proper knowledge of Ohms Law and your device.

Package contents:

2x CoilTurd Pre-Built Coils.

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